Betsson Group

Digital, Concept Generation,
Artworking, Copywriting,
Design Direction


During my time at Feed we were appointed by Betsson Group to handle one of their most valuable marketing channels, their emails.

I worked as the Associate Design Director leading a small team of designers and working alongside a Copywriter, Developers and Account Managers.

We were tasked with creating more engaging and consistent CRM campaigns for a number of their leading brands, and successfully did so. Redesigning, rewriting and recoding emails, in turn making them faster to create with over 1000+ emails designed and built over an 18 month period as well as a CTR improvement of almost 25%.

Our immediate priority was designing a template that was universal and could be applied to any Betsson brands by taking on their individual look and feel and also considered a range of different modules that could be implemented dependent on the email.

As part of a technical innovation project for Betsson we created an in-email betslip creator. This came off the back of another project where the main objective was to serve live odds dynamically for a specific game in-email.

This time around we were able to implement the use of a carousel, which allowed the user to cycle through three different stake amounts and the potential winnings of that selection. Once the CTA is clicked they are taken to the brands website and the betslip is automatically populated with their selection.

Another kinetic email designed, built and inspired by our own research into HTML5 email innovation.

Wimbledon’s Men’s Singles was used and showcased the 4 top-seeded players competing in the tournament. The user is able to interact with the email by clicking a ‘hotspot’ which expands giving information on the selection to inform and inspire them to place a bet. Once they have made their decision and clicked ‘Place Bet’ they are taken directly to the website, where the betslip is pre-populated with their choice.